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Welcome to Spearreflexology & Massage Windsor. I am qualified reflexologist and massage therapist working at a home based clinic in Windsor, Dedworth area which is easily accessible from Windsor, Eton, Datchet, Holyport, Maidenhead, Slough, Langley, Ascot, Winkfield, Burnham, Taplow and Old Windsor. There is an ample parking available with no restrictions. However if you are unable to get to the clinic, home visits are available. See more details.

Spearreflexology & Massage Windsor offer Foot Vertical reflex therapy, and Hand Reflexology, Hot stone reflexology , Fertility Reflexology, Indian Head Massage , Holistic Massage or Deep tissue massage with or without Trigger Point Therapy. In addition I offer treatments at care homes or at workplace.
If you are pregnant maternity treatments are available to alleviate pains and aches in the pregnancy or to simple pamper you with Maternity reflexology or Pregnancy massage.
If you experience oedema or autoimmune conditions including ME contact me to learn more about Reflexology Lymph Drainage.

I have special interest in supporting ladies or couples with Fertility Reflexology as well pregnancy treatments such as Maternity Reflexology and Pregnancy Massage.

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Focus on Conception

Stress is well know reason that is often behind unexplained infertility. if you are trying to conceive, reflexology can support you both physically and emotionally. Often if you were given concrete diagnose you somehow know what to do and if doctors can help. Having ''diagnosis'' of unexplained infertility is little bit more frustrating.

At Spearreflexology clinic I offer support not only with tailored made reflexology treatment but also with charting and understanding natural signs of fertility and what other aspects of your life can play major part on your journey to becoming parents.

Reflexology works alongside medical treatment or support you if you decide to take more natural approach. Stress reduction and good nutrition and water intake should always be considered.

Both foot and facial reflexology are good tools to use on your conception journey. Contact me to see how you can be supported on your journey.

What is FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY? It focuses on reflex (pressure) points on the face, which helps to stimulate the body's healing mechanism and help improve circulation and nerve conduction, encouraging the release of toxins from the body via lymphatic system.

I studied this therapy with Ziggi Bergman, acclaimed reflexologist who in the past 20 years has developed The Bergman Method which is based on the Zone therapy. Zone therapy uses the whole body including the face. Facial reflexology is currently used to treat common conditions and relieve pain in many Native American tribes. It uses a compression techniques to stimulate reflex points in which the thumb or fingers apply pressure and also walk over a zone in a caterpillar motion.

The face provides a beautiful and precise tool to read what is going on within the body's internal organs, central nervous system and neuro-biological systems. The face's close proximity to the brain and cranial nerves makes this treatment very powerful in reaching the body's systems.

After 3 years of battling fertility I was told by a friend to try reflexology to keep calm and distress as it helped, after finding Michaela she advised that she did fertility reflexology so I decided to give it a try, I did one session of fertility reflexology concentrating on calming the ovaries down due to the medication I was on, Michaela was fabulous so professional and talked me through everything! I'm now five months pregnant and having more sessions of reflexology. I would highly recommend Michaela to anyone!! Amanda S., Bracknell

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REFLEXOLOGY is a holistic therapy that uses technique of applying gentle pressure to reflex areas on the feet, face or hands to reinstate state of relaxation and stimulate the body's own healing process.
It is based on a theory that the organs, nerves and glands and other parts of the body are connected to reflex areas or reflex points in your feet, hands or face.
This holistic treatment may help to facilitate more vital energy, boost immune system, reduction of symptoms of illnesses such as digestive problems, back pain, migraines and headaches, sleep disorders and hormonal imbalances. It is excellent for women with subfertility and pregnant women. As a qualified reflexologist I will always takes your medical and personal history and will suggest the best treatment for you. Do not hesitate to enquire how reflexology or massage therapy can help you.

Reflexology may be as effective as painkillers, according to a small study carried out by the University of Portsmouth. Researchers have found that people felt about 40 per cent less pain, and were able to stand pain for about 45 per cent longer, when they used reflexology as a method of pain relief.
This is the first time this widely used therapy has been scientifically tested as a treatment for acute pain, meaning it may be used to complement conventional drug therapy in the treatment of conditions associated with pain such as osteoarthritis, backache and cancers. You can read more here .http://www.port.ac.uk/uopnews/2013/04/09/reflexology-reduces-feelings-of-pain/

As a reflexologist and massage therapist I do not claim to diagnose or to cure medical conditions. I will work with you holistically taking into account physical, psychological and emotional parts of the illness or condition. Reflexology treats whole person and I believe it is beneficial in restoring balance and harmony in the body and releasing stress and tension.

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Gif Vouchers are available to purchase in person or posted to you. They are ideal as birthday, anniversary or Christmas presents, gifts for mum-to-be or Father's and Mother's Day gifts.


Mondays: 9:00 - 2:30 & 19:30 - 21:30
Tuesdays: 9:00 - 2:30 & 19:30 - 21:30
Wednesdays: 19:30 - 21:30
Thursdays: 9:00 - 2:30 & 19:30 - 21:30
Fridays: 9:00 - 2:30
Saturday: 9:00 - 16:00 alternate Saturdays
Sundays: closed

Please note that the home visits' charge of £5 applies to any address in Windsor, Maidenhead, Slough and surrounding areas up to 7 miles radius. If your address is outside this radius add £10 to the basic clinic price.

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