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ZFL is a unique holistic beauty treatment. It has its own therapeutic benefits and combines the very best and most effective ancient and modern facelifting massage techniques. It is unique fusion of facial reflexology and advance face massage.

Sarah Vine, beauty editor of Daily Mail, described Ziggi Bergman’s Zone Face Lift as "a contender for London's best facial." It works primarily by freeing constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue. the quality of touch, mindful techniques and flowing movements makes this an extraordinary treatment.

ZFL also uses facial guasha tool. It is a jade tool that has been used since ancient times that helps to massage, smooth and scape the skin to release stagnation, toxins, improve lymph drainage and reduce muscle tension.

* helps to relax overtight muscles
* tightens and tones the skin of the face and neck
* improves blood flow into muscle tissues keeping them functioning well, tone and maintaining their elasticity
* reduces puffiness and breaks localized fatty deposits
* loosens scar tissue
* help to deeply relax you face and body
* support lymph drainage of the face and neck
* helps to regenerate skin cells
* encourages calmness and deep relaxation which reduces stress
* helps to clear congested sinuses and may ease hayfever
* regular treatment may help to preserve youthful skin and soften wrinkles and fine lines
* brightens you face and reduces dark circles around the eyes

If you would like to see photographic evidence of some of the above please contact me and I will email you the photographs.

Excellent. Loved every minute of it.
Sophia M., Slough

I went to try the treatment with view that it won’t be effective. I was looking forward to taking care of my face and some well deserved relaxation.
But I was pleasantly surprised. Professional facial care, nice atmosphere and visible result. I’m very pleased.
Alena M., Nemsova, SK

Michaela's Zone Face Lift is an absolutely fantastic treatment. I presented with tired eyes from night shifts & general busy life stress, within minutes I was fully relaxed (which usually doesn't come easy to me). My skin after the treatment felt and looked lifted & bright especially around my eyes and as an added bonus that I wasn't expecting, my neck & shoulders felt relaxed.
Michaela tailor's the products and techniques used to suit the individual, focusing on their individual problematic areas. Her knowledge of the subject is huge.
I definitely recommend this treatment to all, could be a fabulous gift for someone too!
Thanks Michaela!
Felicity S., Windsor

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ZONE FACE LIFT. Zone Face Lift Spearreflexology 8 Treatments

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Zone Face Lift has been mentioned and reviewed in several newspapers and online health focussed sites. You can read more at Ziggi Bergman’s website

ZFL 12 WEEK PROGRAMME ***£10off your first treatment ***

ZFL helps you to look and feel 10years younger in only 12 weeks.

To achieve the best possible result 12 weekly sessions are recommended to lift you face and mind with natural techniques of ZFL.
ZLF consists of few different parts:

Facial reflexology - please click here to read more about benefits of facial reflexology.

Advanced face lift massage - specially selective massage moves.

Holistic facial - facial treatment using WELEDA, natural certified products to enhance to effectiveness of ZFL
Jade guasha tool, derma roller as well as quartz crystal balls and rose crystal sticks to improve skin elasticity, blood flow and lymph drainage

12 week programme combines all aspects of ZFL. Each is different, aiming to achieve the best benefit for you.
Each treatment starts with application of a cleanser and hot towel. Focus is given to parts of your face which you would like to improve most.

Result is usually visible after first treatment, in general people start noticing visible results around treatment 3 /4. For ultimate result 12 weekly treatments are recommended. ZFL can be used in place of Botox. Please wait minimum of 6 weeks since your last Botox treatment to start ZFL. Treatment packages are available:

75 mins treatment £65

Package of 3 treatments £175,50 (saving you 10%, £19.50)plus free guasha tool and chart & Weleda samples
Package of 6 treatments £331,50 (saving you 15%, £58,50)plus free guasha tool and chart & Weleda samples
Package of 12 treatments £624 (saving you 20%, £156) plus free guasha tool and chart & Weleda samples

Please note the all package must be paid in advance and are non refundable however there is no time limit. To avoid disappointment book your treatment in advance as I can not guarantee last minute availability. Minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice needs to be given otherwise the appointment will be considered used.

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