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REFLEXOLOGY FOR FERTILITY & PREGNANCY. Spearreflexology conception reflexology


Fertility reflexology focuses on women as well as men who are trying to conceive. I studied Fertility Reflexology at London based school led by Louise Keet and I also attended a post graduate course with excellent Sally Earlam in January 2015. In addition I took an specialised course in Fertility reflexology in 2017 that allows me to support couples who are trying to conceive for the first time, struggling to fall pregnant second time or are undergoing IVF treatment.

Stress is a complex condition that can affect almost all parts of the body. There is also some evidence to suggest that it may affect fertility as stress is detrimental to the chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. Reflexology may help couples to achieve reduction in stress. Reflexology might also help women whose inability to conceive is linked to endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome.

During the first appointment detailed consultation is completed taking into consideration you emotional and physical wellbeing, any medical diagnosis, life events and stress levels. It is important to know when you had last period and how long your cycle is. You will also receive your first treatment.

I have also created a Facebook group devoted to information that are useful on your conception journey you can join the group here.

After 3 years of battling fertility I was told by a friend to try reflexology to keep calm and destress as it helped, after finding Michaela she advised that she did fertility reflexology so I decided to give it a try, I did one session of fertility reflexology concentrating on calming the ovaries down due to the medication I was on, Michaela was fabulous so professional and talked me through everything! I'm now five months pregnant and having more sessions of reflexology. I would highly recommend Michaela to anyone!! Amanda S., Bracknell

How often do I need to have the treatment ?

Once you embark on the natural journey to boost your conception chances it is important you find time to help your body to have the best chance to conceive. I recommend minimum of 6 treatments to see results in your cycle and boost your chance to conceive naturally. Ideally I would like to treat weekly or fortnightly for first 4 treatments. After 6/8 weeks the progress will be evaluated and if needed we will continue working together at timeframe that suits your needs.

Should your work and family commitments don't allow for weekly or fortnightly treatments please contact me to discuss your availability and best times for treatment to take place. I am happy to answer all your questions about the course of treatment via phone, e-mail or in person.

Each treatment will take approximately an hour except the fist session when full consultation is completed to inform the treatment plan. Please allow up to 120 minutes for your first visit. Reflexology can be used in partnership with Abdominal sacral massage.

First treatment plus consultation is £45 pounds. Subsequent treatments £40.
Ideally you receive treatments regularly to boost your chance to conceive. You can benefit from prepaid treatments that are value for money:
3 for £102
6 for £192 or
10 for £300

Please note that they are many annectodal evidence that reflexology increases your chances to conceive. However we are all individuals and I can not guarantee the result. The aim is to achieve best possible chance for your body to conceive which includes stress reduction, opportuniy to talk and reflect. You will be encouraged to listen to your body and understand natural signs of ovulation, follow healthy eating principles, do excercise to suit your ability and continue with any medical treatment your doctor has prescribed.

Read my article about Fertility Reflexology Here.



Once woman is pregnant she embarks on a 9 months long journey or pregnancy. I personally experienced reflexology through 2 of my pregnancies and found it invaluable. It may help you to alleviate those aches and pains that definitely go with pregnancy: headaches, nausea, insomnia, lack of energy, swollen feet, back pain...

Once the baby arrives reflexology may help to balance your hormones, give you the most deserved time to relax and distress, help you to recover faster and be a happy mama.

Thorough discussion will take place before first treatment and contraindications will be checked before each subsequent treatment. Copy of my note are available for you midwife if requested. Treatments are in sitting or reclining position so you feel comfortable. Please contact me for more information.

I had a course of reflexology to support my body during pregnancy. Michaela was absolutely brilliant, professional and also specialist in what she does. Her sessions left me relaxed and calm and I will be booking in more sessions now that my baby has arrived. I highly recommend her. Hollie H, Windsor

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