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Gua sha is an ancient tool that originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is used to move stagnant Qi. Gua sha means 'scraping for red'. When body gua sha is used redness will appear to signify that the Qi / Blood has moved and healing commenced.

Crystal facial tools such as gua sha and facial rollers are becoming increasingly popular in modern natural skincare. Gua sha and facial rollers are made from crystals, most commonly jade or quartz. The use of crystals has its own healing and energetic properties. We use facial rollers and facial gua sha to massage the skin which may have the following benefits:

* stimulating skin and increase blood circulation : skin appears healthier and blemishes decrease healthier colour returns
* reducing signs of aging: facial massage boosts collagen production, cell repair, reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles
* promotes lymphatic drainage: helps with depuffing, reducing puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, decongesting, boosting immunity
* helps to relax muscles: experience instance relaxation, tension release around the neck, eyes, TMJ, helps with pain
* stress relief: by using the rollers or gua sha you also working on acupressure and reflexology points located around the face

CRYSTAL TOOLS FACIAL &  FACIAL CUPPING . Facial Gua Sha spearreflexology.co.uk


Crystal Tools Facial or CTF for short is 50 minutes long treatment that brings about the best benefits of the enhancing and healing effect of the crystal tools I use.

It starts with an initial consultation to learn more about you and your goals for the treatment. I use high-quality natural facial oils, cleanser, and toner which are also suitable if you have a nut allergy.

The treatment starts with a facial massage to warm up the muscles. Facial rollers, facial gua sha, and acupressure points. You can aim to relieve a current condition, improve your skin tone, reduce wrinkles. The focus of the treatment will be completely unique to you.

The reason I commonly treat clients with CTF:

* sinus issues & congestion
* tension headaches
* eye strain
* TMJ pain - temporomandibular joint pain
* facial muscles pain
* facial puffiness/congestion - issues with lymph drainage
* dark circles and puffiness under the eyes
* improvement of skin tone and skin appearance
* improvement of the appearance of wrinkles.

It is relatively easy to use facial gua sha and facial rollers at home. You can purchase your own tool here. You have an option to book online guided session to learn more about how to use the tool too.

I had a Gua Sha facial a couple of days ago and it was wonderful - Michaela made me feel so relaxed even though I had had such a stressful day and the facial was tailored to my skin beautifully (I have really sensitive skin so I'm always nervous about anything new going on my face - I rarely have facials for this reason but I will certainly be going back for this one again). The facial felt amazing - it's art, and my facial muscles have looked noticeably more relaxed since the treatment. Thank you, Michaela!! Google review

CRYSTAL TOOLS FACIAL &  FACIAL CUPPING . Facial Cupping Facial Spear Reflexology


Facial cupping is a holistic facial treatment that is

When you squeeze a facial cup onto an area of your face, a gentle suction is created. This draws blood flow towards the surface of your skin. This increased blood flow in the skin underneath the cup and surrounding tissues encourages the formation of new blood vessels. The suction also creates a controlled mini-trauma in the skin (in the same way as micro-needling and derma-rollers would), which prompts a natural healing process in the skin. More oxygenated blood flows to the area, collagen and fibroblast production is stimulated, and the skin cells are encouraged to reproduce.

The result of facial cupping may include:
- plumper skin,
- healthy-looking and glowing complexion
- minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- boosts collagen production
- reduces puffiness
- reduces pore sizes

What can you address with facial cupping?
* dull skin
* facial puffiness
* fine lines and wrinkles
* headaches
* muscle tension
* Bell's palsy
* Scaring
* Cystic Acne
* Sinus Issues


Facial cupping as any treatment in Spear Reflexology Windsor is unique to your needs and holistic - meaning it takes your physical & emotional wellbeing into account.

The full treatment comprises of:
- cleansing & hot towels application
- facial massage to warm the muscles
- application of a facial oil
- facial cupping
- use of jade facial rollers
- facial acupressure



JADE Facial Roller & Gua Sha Set is £25 (introductory price £20)
I sourced my own manufacturer which guarantees you the best price and authenticity.

Roller size 15cm
Gua Sha size 7cm

The anti-aging tool that promotes healthy-looking skin, natural skin care tool.
For centuries, Jade has been thought to bring good fortune. Cultures all over the world believe that Jade represents a wealth of virtues, including happiness, courage, purity, longevity, and wisdom.

Jade is believed to bring prosperity and abundance into your life. It is the ultimate good luck charm. But not just for wealth intentions, working with Jade can support every area of your life. Whether you are looking for flourishing love life, thriving health, or financial success, Jade has you covered.

Linked with good fortune, ancient wisdom, and the energy of abundance, the Jade crystal stone meaning is an essential component of every crystal collection.

Get your set here

CRYSTAL TOOLS FACIAL &  FACIAL CUPPING . Rose Quartz Set spear reflexology

100% natural rose quartz
I sourced my own manufacturer which guarantees you the best price and authenticity.

The roller size is 15cm
Gua Sha size is 8cm

The anti-aging tool that promotes healthy-looking skin, natural skin care tool.
Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love.
Rose Quartz is a universal healing stone and is versatile in its physical and metaphysical applications. Its vibration is nurturing, gentle, comforting, and reassuring.
It also carries a peaceful resonance that many people find soothing in times of emotional upset.
Its overriding vibration is feminine in nature and it has strong associations with the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, and the moon.
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