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Abdominal sacral massage (AS massage) originate from teachings of Maya massage to Rosita Arvigo. Arvigo Method was then taught in USA and 6 women in the UK. One of the first women taught Arvigo Method was Helen Rohlicek who then added additional techniques inspired by her travels in Mexico and Peru. Helen teaches AS massage in the UK and I was one of her students.

AS massage concentrate on area of abdomen and lumbar and sacral spine. Abdominal cavity and pevic area house small and large intestines, reproductive organs and are supplied by nerves from the lumbar and sacral spine. The essence of this massage is to enervate and nourish all tissue within the abdomen, pelvis and sacrum. The Masage is performed slowly, gently and with respect.

AS massage strengthens muscles and ligaments and relieves tension. It also realigns organs that may have shifted position due to falls, tensions, blockages or operations. The massage gently encourages them back into place and relieves pressure on them. The deep colon part of the massage also helps to loosen hardened debris and encourages a natural movement. As most serotonin (or “the happiness hormone”) is produced in the gut, relieving any problems or blockages here often leaves you with a feeling of wellbeing. On the other hand persistent constipation may cause you feel down and depressed.

AS massage also improves the blood, nerve and lymph supply helping your body to heal itself. This allows the healing to continue after the massage and also reduces any scar tissue.

ABDOMINAL SACRAL MASSAGE for fertility & digestion. Abdominal Sacral Massage Spear Reflexology


AS massage may help with following conditions:

Digestive problems:
- Constipation
- Diarrhoea
- Bloating
- Stomach cramps

Reproductive System Problems:
- painful or irregular menstrual cycle and ovulation
- bladder and yeast infections
- support after miscarriage and recurrent miscarriages
- pre-menstrual syndromes and tension
- peri-menopause or menopausal symptoms
- difficulties to conceive
- tilted uterus
- endometriosis
- PCOS and polycyclic ovaries
- fibroids

Emotional Difficulties
- sexual trauma
- pregnancy loss
- stress
- held emotions
- childhood traumas

It is important to massage digestive organs as all muscles including the pelvic floor muscles, organs and connective tissue share the same neural inputs. Often if their is a problem with digestion, the pain can be manifested in your back, your abdominal wall or anywhere in pevic region and vice versa.

There are ligaments that connect the sacrum to the uterus and it’s misalignment can misalign uterus. Often women are told they have retroverted uterus which might cause some discomfort. If one organ is misalign, it may impinge on the blood circulation int he area, therefore reduction in blood flow, nutrients an oxygen to abdominal cavity. When areas of torso are massaged it enhances optimal health and wellbeing.

When we are looking into fertility issues we need to look into whole person. When person is unwell or in stress, reproductive organs may shut so body can focus on healing when necessary, also in times of stress procreation is not body’s priority. When coming for a treatment I look at you holistically - physically, emotionallly and spiritually to ensure body can function at optimal level and reproductive organs are functioning properly.


It is important to know when to come for the treatment and what the contraindications are.
AS massage can be given from end of your period up until 3 days before your next one. If you are trying to concieve the window is much smaller - between the end of your period up until the ovulation. It is therefore important that you pre-book your treatment to make sure you receive it at the right time. I recommned you also have Reflexology treatment when you are trying to conceive. Prepaid treatment packages are Available .

When coming for the treatment I will ask you to complete a consultation form. First treatment and consultation will take 70 up to 120 minutes depending on your primary concern. It is important you wear comfortable loose clothing. Any subsequent session is 60 minutes long.

AS massage is suitable for women and men (at present this treatment is offered to women and children only). Gentler and shorter treatment is given to children (30 minutes) and babies (15 minutes). I will show yo how to complete your own massage or your child’s massage.

- first trimester of pregnancy
- 3 days and during the period
- after ovulation if trying to conceive and there is possibility you might be pregnant
- some areas will be avoided if you have a coil fitted
- gastric band: no upper abdominal work will be done
- pregnancy - you can enjoy abdominal massage but sacral massage will be omitted
- acute infection and flare ups of digestive illnesses such as Crohn’s
- post operations
- unstable high blood pressure
- vomiting and diarrhoea
- thrombosis

To learn more about Helen Rohlicek work just click on the picture bellow.

ABDOMINAL SACRAL MASSAGE for fertility & digestion. Helen Logo ASM

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