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FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY aims to help your entire body function on its optimal level achieving also radiant, younger and glowing complexion. It promotes the production o new tissue and improves skin tone.

Facial reflexology focuses on reflex (pressure) points on the face, which helps to stimulate the body's healing mechanism and help improve circulation and nerve conduction, encouraging the release of toxins from the body via lymphatic system.

I studied facial reflexology with Ziggi Bergman, acclaimed reflexologist who in the past 20 years has developed The Bergman Method which is based on the Zone therapy. Zone therapy uses the whole body including the face. Facial reflexology is currently used to treat common conditions and relieve pain in many Native American tribes. Facial reflexology uses a compression techniques to stimulate reflex points in which the thumb or fingers apply pressure and also walk over a zone in a caterpillar motion.

The face provides a beautiful and precise tool to read what is going on within the body's internal organs, central nervous system and neuro-biological systems. The face's close proximity to the brain and cranial nerves makes facial reflexology very powerful in reaching the body's systems.

The treatment starts with cleansing and application of a hot towel, facial oil is then applied and facial reflexology sequence is completed. Every treatment includes lymphatic drainage of the face and eyes using guasha tool.

Amazing facial reflexology with Michaela. My skin feels and looks glowing after it. Lovely relaxing experience and highly recommended.
Deborah W. Windsor

I had my first experience of facial reflexology with Michaela this week. She was lovely and the treatment was so relaxing, I literally felt that I had melted into the couch and slept incredibly well later that night! I will definitely be booking more sessions.
Claire S., Windsor

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FOOT REFLEXOLOGY is a holistic therapy that uses technique of applying gentle pressure to reflex areas on the feet to reinstate state of relaxation and stimulate the body's own healing process.
It is based on a theory that the organs, nerves and glands and other parts of the body are connected to reflex areas or reflex points in your feet, hands or face.
This holistic treatment may help to facilitate more vital energy, boost immune system, reduction of symptoms of illnesses such as digestive problems, back pain, migraines and headaches, sleep disorders and hormonal imbalances. It is excellent for women with subfertility and pregnant women.

Reflexology may be as effective as painkillers, according to a small study carried out by the University of Portsmouth. Researchers have found that people felt about 40 per cent less pain, and were able to stand pain for about 45 per cent longer, when they used reflexology as a method of pain relief.

This is the first time this widely used therapy has been scientifically tested as a treatment for acute pain, meaning it may be used to complement conventional drug therapy in the treatment of conditions associated with pain such as osteoarthritis, backache and cancers. You can read more here .http://www.port.ac.uk/uopnews/2013/04/09/reflexology-reduces-feelings-of-pain/

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Pregnancy massage as masssage itself is very relaxing and soothing. Although pregnancy is a wonderful time, many changes take place in the mum-to-be body as the baby grows. This can put strain and pressure on the joints, ligaments and organs causing some pain and discomfort which massage may help to alleviate. In addition research also shows that the baby can greatly benefit from massage as endorphins (feel good chemicals) are released by the mother during massage that are passed onto the baby.

I t can help with/to:
• Muscle tension
• Muscle spasm & cramping
• Sciatic Pain
• Swelling
• Back, neck and shoulder discomfort caused by hormonal and postural changes
• Quality of Sleep
• Reduce headaches
• Relieve heartburn
• Balance mood-swings and fight depression

Pregnancy massage is perform while you are seated or lying on your side once you are 16 weeks plus. Please contact me before booking to check contraindications.
You can also combine pregnancy massage and reflexology depending on your preference and the ailment you want to relieve. It is also very relaxing and nurturing to receive massage postnatally.

Always come away feeling happy and relaxed. Michaela is so friendly and makes you feel at ease. And the massage helped my back so much. All the tense and painful areas feel released and relaxed. I tried reflexology for the first time when michaela did a little on my feet. It was amazing. I have lost a lot of sleep lately due to pregnancy aches and I really feel like I am so ready for a nice rest and think I'm in with a good chance of sleep tonight! Thankyou. 5* service!
April T., Virginia Water

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What is massage or bodywork therapy?
Massage is as old as human itself. It has evolved through time through the need to relieve soreness in the body. From early days, touch has played a central role as an instrument of healing and a facilitator of concern and compassion. Massage can be divided into variety of classical movements such as effleurage, petrissage (kneading, wringling, lifting and rolling), tapotement and friction.

How can massage benefit you?
Reflex vascular and nervous response from the skin causes increased temperature and colour, increased circulation and lymphatic activity, removes congestions from arteries, frees surface adhesions, cleansing the skin, relaxes tired, tense muscle fibres. It helps to reduce stress and tiredness, aids recovery.

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Hot stone massage is body massage with preheated basalt stones that are applied to the body. Hot stones allow to work deeper than standard massage. Combining of massage and deep heat creates deeply relaxing and beneficial treatment.
Hot stone are uses actively - while doing massage movements or statically - left on the body with no movement. Please note that hot stone are never placed statically on the bare skins but always placed on towel to prevent burning the skin.

Hot Stone Massage can benefit you if you have / helps with:
* Stress and stres related problems
* Detoxification, stimulation of lymphatic system and increasing circulation
* Muscular aches and pains

Hot stone massage is contraindicated if:
* you are pregnant
* have lymphoedema
* recent operation
* being in active cancer treatment
Please note that it is save to have reflexology with all the above conditions. Read more about reflexology.

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Indian Head Massage (IHM) is based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system. It is ideal for people with tension in the upper body. Can be used as a standalone 30 minute treatment or in combination with massage or reflexology. It focuses on shoulder, neck, scalp and face areas. I use very little oil on the shoulder area and the face.

IHM is known to
• Relieve tension, headaches, neck and back pain, alleviates stress and promotes relaxation
• Assist lymphatic drainage, removing toxins and boosting the immune system
• Improve joint mobility, circulation and concentration
• IHM reaches all energy centres where tension accumulates


Hot stone reflexology uses basalt volcanic stones to enhance the amazing effect of this therapy. The primary aim is to relieving symptoms of stress, one of the major causes of ill health these days.
It may help to relieve aches and pains, eliminate toxins, improve quality of sleep.

Hot stone reflexology session lasts about an hour.

It might be an ideal for you if you are regular runner or just need deeper treatment to cancel stress of the day, Great if weather is cold or just too rainy.

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