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It was exactly a year ago when photographer Abi Moore did photoshoot in my treatment room to capture images I use for my business. She decided to try Zone Face Lift on her own skin. Read Abi’s blog here about her experience of Zone Face Lift.


Have you heard about lymph drainage? Most known is lymphatic drainage massage that helps to move stagnant lymph and clear the lymphatic system that is directly linked to immune system. It is believed that well functioning lymphatic system equals health and good immunity. Often people come across to lymphatic massage when they exprerience swelling or after a surgery.

Did you know that Reflexology Lymph Drainage (or as reflexologists call it RLD) is equally effective, if not more, as lymphatic massage?
RLD is advanced reflexology technique developed by Sally Kay and now practiced in UK, US, Canada and Australia, thanks to Sally’s amazing training. I have been using this techniques for past 3 years and many of you have experienced its benefits.

It was originally used for support treatment of secondary lymphodeama following breast cancer but soon it was proven to be beneficial for many other conditions such as:
* autoimmune disease
* fibromyalgia
* swelling of varied origin
* pregnancy swelling
* decongesting body in case sedantery life style and stress
* improving immunity
* following surgery
* before/after plane journey and more

RLD works through feet but it is proven to affect the whole body so swelling does not necessary need to be in feet at all. Initial research worked with women whose swelling was in arms.

I prefer this modality to MLD as it is less invasive (no need to undress), if there is a surgery you can start pretty much straight away after hospital discharge.

Initially after the treatment you might feel tired - this is the time when your body is hard at work clearing your lymphatic system. The following day you might notice better mood, sleep, more energy and improvement of swelling.

It is my favourite type of reflexology which I also love to receive. I often use it when treating due to subfertility and often when pregnancy swelling occurs. See pictures bellow of minor pregnancy swelling. Client said her boots felt much looser on the way home than on arrival.

Your feet and body will feel lighter after the treatment. You can combine it with facial lymph drainage for ultimate results and felling of wellness and lightness.

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