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What makes a good therapist and how do I know that my therapist has the right skill set?
Many complementary therapies are not govern by law and the training can differ humongously from 1 day online training to couple years.

So you heard that reflexology is really good for pretty much everything. But how do you choose the right reflexologist?

Recommendation from a family or friend:
If you have a friend who sees a reflexologist it is likely that you go and see the same person. Recommendation from friend and family are really valued and you know yo can trust them. Although there are times when you want to find someone who is trained and understand certain conditions.

Let's go through the main points you need to be aware of:

There is rather of lot of training available. Unfortunately many people opt for “quick & cheap” training where you can be “qualified” in 2 to 4 days. Quality level 3 Diploma in Reflexology will take up to year to complete. It includes comprehensive training, anatomy and physiology, and approximately 60 to 100 case studies to complete. Having completed your basic training the reflexologist will have good understanding of the therapy and over 100 hours of treatment behind them.
Association of Reflexologists is UK leading association that will only accept you as a member when you prove that your training meets their criteria, have valid insurance and you agree to complete CPD - continuing professional development each year.
There are other organisations that your therapist might be member of such as Federation of Holistic Therapists and Complementary Therapists Association . Usually all therapists are listed on the relevant site so you can check, as well as search for therapists in your area.

Reflexology is an universal therapy and can be a support tool in many conditions. Reflexologists tend to build an interest in certain area such as fertility, maternity, mental health, pain management, care care etc. Ask your therapist if they have relevant experience.

Reflexologists may occasionally offer cheaper than normal rate, for instance for a case study or older clients. Being cheap is often a big factor for many people but it might not mean you receive a quality treatment. In Windsor and surrounding areas you can expect price between £40 to £50 for a single treatment.

Claims & Honesty:
Reflexologists do not claim to diagnose or treat medical conditions. There is an anecdotal evidence that reflexologist can feel if there is an illness or perhaps bring about labour in pregnant woman. There is insufficient research to prove how reflexology works. However, new and new research is being conducted and rest assured it is proven reflexology helps in pregnancy, eases pain, lowers stress levels.
However we can not claim to diagnose. Unless you have a “super power”you can not diagnose medical condition. We have machines like MRI or CT scans, blood test and other means to diagnose.
Reflexologist can not claim to bring on labour. Baby and the right internal environment of the mother govern by pituitary gland starts the labour by excretion of oxytocin. However reflexology can help to lower stress hormone and increase the amount of “happy hormones” hence creating the right environment for labour to start.

Experienced reflexologists shouldn’t promised to cure condition or encourage client to give up their medications. Reflexologist role is to support and encourage healing.

Gut Feeling
Now you went through all the above and found 2-3 therapists they live in your area and meet all the criteria above? Then, read their website, email them or give them a call. You know when you find the right one. We all have different personalities and “click” with a certain type of people. You are entering into therapeutic relationship, energy exchange with your therapist and it is rather important it is based on trust and likeness. If after your first treatment you feel it is not right one, do not be worried to try another therapist.

Enjoy your treatment! Reflexology is amazing.

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It is that time of the year we suffer from cold, coughs, sore throats and general run down feeling.
Reflexology offers us number of tools to help overcome these. I recommend following Helen Blacks’ blogs and You Tube channel for amazing tips that originate in wisdom of Dien Chan Zone facial reflexology.

Tip number 1:
As soon as you feel cold, cough or sore throat happening, follow this simple yet effective sequence @07

Little tip, I use facial oil first to prevent dragging the skin. Although today I was doing this routine while sitting at the poolside watching my boys swimming. Once you remember the routine it is a quick and easy one to go to when you want to defeat the cold.

Tip number 2:
When you have that annoying cough which can linger for days or weeks try simple foot reflexology. Ball of your foot corresponds with chest area. Use quality eucalyptus salve (I have one by Neal’s Yard) and rub it onto ball of your foot, or whole foot if you wish and massage the area. Perfect to do at night. Have a good uninterrupted sleep.

Tip number 3:
Cheeks are your chest zone in facial reflexology. Apply quality facial oil and use fingers to press and release around the area Make sure you cover the whole zone as shown on the picture. If any particular point feels tender, pause and spend more time on it. Be gentle when working on under eyes area. At the end use all 4 fingers to sweep the eyebrows from above the nose out and the same on cheeks. Sweep the chest zone from nose to ears.

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